Supplier Relationships

Why are they so critical to our success? As you know, Gross Profit on any sale is the sale amount less the cost of goods sold.

If, as an independent designer/decorator, you are buying furnishings for resale at the retail price (MSRP) less the typical designer’s discount of only 15- 20%, that IS your gross profit—only 15-20% of the retail price, plus any hourly design fee your client agrees to pay you at the end of job.

To receive a full explanation of how Decorating Den Interiors franchisees often achieve a gross profit of 50% or more on a project, all you have to do is register, and the details will be sent in a clear, comparative chart.

The potential for much greater profits is why we value these supplier relationships so highly; vendors want our 300+ designers who design for American homes each day to show and sell their products!

This chart is provided only as an example of comparitive profitability on $100,000 of gross sales to demonstrate the value of true wholesale pricing available to our Franchisees, who don’t charge an hourly fee but have significantly better profitability because of our buying power: