How We Work

Initial Consultation

After our marketing systems have produced each lead, we have a productive phone conversation to determine scope, priorities, client’s experience with a design professional, and to set expectations.  We always suggest that they be thinking of the investment they expect to make on this project (budget).

Home Tour

We usually first meet the prospective client in their home or office to review the areas of interest and to ask good questions to learn how we can best help find solutions.  That appointment consists of taking good notes, photography, measurements, etc.  Most importantly, it is about making a friend and establishing our credibility as a professional to set the tone of the relationship—all of which is trained by Decorating Den Interiors.

Set Style and Budget

A follow up appointment is where the first design presentation begins to take shape with specific recommendations of major pieces to set style and budget (and to ensure that we are on track with the client’s expectations).  Once those are settled, we can proceed to complete the design and furnishing suggestions for the entire project, including installation and accessorizing.

Livv Home Collection - Our Preferred Suppliers

Please see vignettes of some of our favorite lines in drop-down tabs to this section.   All of them are included in the extensive lineup of the LIVV Home Collection to Decorating Den Interiors.

Preferred Suppliers not only provide exclusive discount pricing to our franchise owners, but also provide loyalty incentives, provide special customer service, attend our Suppliers’ Market at our annual Conference with latest lines from recent Highpoint Markets.  They frequently visit us in local regional meetings for presentations of latest additions to their offerings.

Welcome to the world of Decorating Den Interiors.