Interior Design Training

Here’s the good news—It is not necessary to spend up to $100,000 in tuition and four years of your working life—to get a degree in Interior Design (unless you intend to be a commercial designer working with architects on major buildings like hospitals, schools, or resorts).  If you want to work in residential design or provide furnishings to commercial projects like common areas in condos or law offices, you really should look closely at the unique business opportunity of Decorarting Den Interiors.

You’ll likely be fully trained and operational in a full service small business of your own much quicker and with less investment than is required for a degree.  Remember, design graduates still require a business opportunity to launch a career.  Today, many graduates find themselves forced to become an intern,  or to work “retail”,  or even to seek employment outside of the industry to earn a living and pay off significant student loan debt.

Our Training & Support Systems

For those with excellent skills and enough confidence, we have an attractive alternative to the interior design degree. The total investment for our franchise, including comprehensive start-up and ongoing training, marketing programs and assistance, and an extensive supplier network, is much less expensive than a typical two or four year interior design degree – and much quicker, as well.

We have been helping creative individuals become professional entrepreneurs in the world of interior decorating and residential design since 1969.  Our practical training programs not only instruct on design principals and elements, but also on merchandising, marketing and sales, and best business practices to answer important questions like these:

  • How do I attract and manage a client base?
  • How do I learn enough about the many home furnishings products to be effective?
  • How do I get access to those products for my clients at a price that allows me to resell profitably ?
  • How do I actually accomplish my decorating and design project in the field, the real world, and get compensated accordingly?

The alternative to the four-year degree.

Not everyone is qualified to take this fast-track into the industry. To see if you qualify for our design school alternative and why it is considered much better by so many, simply register to learn more from the Florida Regional Director, Cliff Welles/ASID (a 22-year DecDen business owner and manager of the top region in North America with his partner, Judy Underwood/Allied ASID).


Cliff will help answer your questions and begin a fun exploration of Decorating Den Interiors with you by internet and phone.  Are you ready to learn more before committing to years of college in design?

To learn more about our design school alternative either register today or contact Cliff by email: “Cliff, I have some questions…”.