The Business of Design

Passion for Many

Interior decorating and residential design is a passion for many, though few ever get the chance to enter the field as a career.  To succeed as a professional in the industry, a ‘good eye’ and passion for design are simply not enough.

To keep any design business on a profitable track, professionals need lead generation to attract clients; presentation skills; access to merchandise at the right price for profitable resale; and office systems to manage projects, finances, and customers.   Constant training and support systems to improve operational efficiency are critical for sustainable income and growth.

That’s where Decorating Den Interiors leads the industry.  Our training systems help to develop the professional, full-service design professional, armed with the skills and tools to become an independent, successful business owner.  Be your own boss!

t’s not for everyone.  But it’s perfect for the few who understand that all interior decorators and residential designers are ultimately in business to sell ideas and products through the craft of design.  We all survive and prosper through comfortable, professional sales presentations.

Effective business practices only come naturally to a very few, and are not taught in university programs for interior design.  This is about how to get leads; how to present your design solutions; how to close the sale; how to get it manufactured, delivered, and installed; how to profit and grow your equity in a business of your own…even into a big business, if that’s your goal.

As the best business opportunity in our industry, Decorating Den’s training systems and tools are perfect for creative entrepreneurs looking for flexibility and independence.  Hundreds of existing decorators and designers who work independently, for firms, or in retail stores have discovered our support systems and joined our team to turn their talents into a profitable business for the first time (see testimonials).  It’s all about personal discovery.

To learn more, all you have to do is engage with us… either register today or contact Cliff by email:  “Cliff, I have some questions…”