Contract/Common Areas

Contract work for clubs and condos usually include bringing in our team of General Contractor and tradesmen.  Due to the planning time required for committe/board approvals and constraints on construction period (summers), most projects need to be started no later than the autumn before the summer of work.  A non-refundable design fee that applies to the finished project is required at engagement.


 Lounge area

Card room (with enlarged windows to course)

View from card room to lockers

Refurbished vanity area

Refurbished entry from main Club


CONDO SOCIAL ROOM Remodel–Ft. Myers Beach (64 units)

Un-used TV cabinet replaced with buffets and storage in tropical style.

Dark, traditional lounge area converted to bright, engaging conversation area

Empty dining tables replaced with pool table and wall-mounted TV

Isolated galley kitchen opened up with bar/pass thru for pot-luck dinner and private entertaining