Why Choose Decorating Den?

There are dozens of other designers listed online…and many retail stores offer ‘free design services’. Right?

Our Variety

Variety in styles, fabrics, finish, and price point is important for you.  We aren’t selling a ’look’.  Rather, we offer to you a stylish, functional visual design—often eclectic—that together create an attractive ensemble.  We utilize a variety of manufacturers in each of your rooms to create a personal space that you won’t find in a single collection on the retail floor.  Many items we suggest are available only thru design professionals like Decorating Den Interiors.

That flexibility gives us the tools to satisfy both your dreams and your budget.  Our work will never look like you bought ‘a room’ and had it delivered that afternoon from the store.  Custom is worth the time it takes.

Planning Your Design

From our extensive training and experience, we help you express to us the things that really matter to you and your family regarding daily use, entertaining, and investment for home value.  We get to personally know your home, and ask all of the important questions to start and complete your project satisfactorily.

We thoroughly understand scale and the spatial concepts necessary to design and coordinate the expansive views in the open entertainment areas in today’s Florida homes. We can demonstrate that to you as we make suggestions—before your purchase. While most projects evolve, a basic plan is critical before starting for a successful conclusion. We can help.

OUR EXPERIENCE.   We bring to your project 20+ years of practical design experience in space planning, style, and color selections for furnishings, window treatments, and accessories. Almost all of our projects include the design, fabrication, and installation of custom draperies of some sort, including critical details of function, control of light and privacy, and motorization.  Unlike Decorating Den Interiors, very few decorators selling furnishings from a retail store have our expertise, or the time we devote personally with you in the home or office.

OUR CONSISTENCY.  A personal, professional designer is crucial for your major projects. We own our business, so you can be assured we’ll be focused on your priority until completion, and that your project won’t be passed from one designer to another along the way.


No Design Fees

Because we have direct accounts with over one hundred major manufacturers who offer Decorating Den Interiors wholesale pricing, we can be price-competitive without charging design fees, which can be quite significant on a large project.  The reality is that most local designers charge an hourly design fee because they cannot buy furnishings at a trade discount sufficient to resell profitably.   Because of our national buying power, major upscale vendors are eager to source their product with Decorating Den Interiors.  The benefit passes to our clientele.

Commercial & Common Areas

We have done award-winning renovations in condo social rooms, common areas, club houses, and small offices, providing fresh looks and improved functionality.  Our general contractor is our partner on these jobs, pulling necessary construction permits and bringing his skilled, licensed tradesmen to the project.

SEASONAL RESIDENTS.  Our busiest season in SWFL is the winter, of course, with an influx of seasonal residents.  We have two decades of experience working with northern and off-shore clients ‘long-distance’, accomplishing significant remodeling projects while the owner is away.  With technology, we keep you regularly informed of progress during your absence.

LOCALLY OWNED.  We’re part of the community.  Almost all of our profits get spent here, and we hire local administrative and trades personnel for every aspect of our business.

START TO FINISH.   Whether you are thinking about a fresh look for an area of your home, or have a new residence to furnish completely, you need us now.  It’s almost impossible for any designer to complete a project that has been begun without a plan.  Stop shopping, relax and let us help you with all of the difficult decisions for a successful renovation, or new home furnishings.

–Judy, Cliff, and Team